Tomoya Onoue

Art born from me, is another me. by Tomoya Onoue

Art born from me, is another me.  My reason for drawing today is related to my childhood memories, when I got excited over my father’s casual drawing of a hero character.  I cannot remember what kind of drawing it was, but it is a fact that it led me to start drawing. I cannot thank my father enough for it.   When I just began drawing, I did not know what I wanted to draw. It seems that the sketches made during that time were thrown away when I moved. My art continued to develop as I was influenced by manga, anime, art, toys, and many other things. Out of everything, however, I especially remember being greatly influenced by the world-famous Dragon Ball and 2 artworks from Picasso.    During my school life, my textbooks were filled with scribbles, and would even draw behind test papers. For this reason, the more 0 points I got on tests, the more I immersed myself in art.  At home, the back of flyers became canvases, and I continued to draw on everything. I was a person who liked to draw more than anything.  I also love animals and bugs and would prioritize playing with insects rather than friends. From such an environment, I believe my… Read More »Art born from me, is another me. by Tomoya Onoue