The World Overflows With A Beautiful Harmony. by ICHIHARU

We live in a world, where a beautiful harmony is born when each person lets their colors shine. Through my colors, I would like you to see your colors. This is the message I want to tell the world through my art.  I am currently drawing whatever I want, whenever I want and living the happiest moments of my life. However, I did not always choose art.  I made a lot of detours on my long path-of-life, and at the end of the road was the world I am living in now.  I would like to tell my story. Born and raised in Kobe, I was a child that loved imagination, art, and anything beautiful.  I especially felt the happiest when I was drawing or creating something, So my dream was to become an artist or a designer. However, I grew up surrounded by adults who had jobs unrelated to art.  Art was also labeled as a supplementary lesson under the Japanese education system. I soon realized that making a living from art was not realistic.  I needed to figure out what “realistic job” I wanted to do. For my first job, I was a flight attendant. It was difficult, but it was an attractive job in a stimulating world.“I want to… Read More »The World Overflows With A Beautiful Harmony. by ICHIHARU