I have loved drawing since I was young. by 1109

I have loved drawing since I was young. I always felt uncomfortable with school drawing topics that were already set and calligraphy classes that restricted free thinking. I would have loved homeworks that let me draw whatever I liked, whenever I liked. After that, I have half jokingly written down all the characters (e.g. kanji) and drawings that came across my mind.  Winter of 2007, my eyes caught sight of an advertisement on a design calligraphy class and an indescribable surge of excitement overcame me as I signed up without hesitation. I was drawn to the lack of specific methods and shapes, as characters were designed through the interpretation of different products, and I felt old memories beginning resurface.  “Free shapes,” “free expressions,” it felt like art. Focusing on ideas, intervals, and space, I was absorbed in and obsessed with design calligraphy. When I found the time, I eagerly created and shared my artworks through social media. I started receiving requests for name boards and through friends some people asked for welcome boards.  These moments were special conversations with my honest self and became an important part of my life.  In 2013, I experienced an incident that changed my life stage.  Similar to the changing seasons and generations, each person… Read More »I have loved drawing since I was young. by 1109