Happy Bulldog grew up surrounded by nature and dogs. by Happy Bulldog

Happy Bulldog grew up surrounded by nature and dogs. The sound of the river, the noise of the forest, the playful sound of dogs, such ordinary everyday life is common in my daily life.

I have had 6 dogs so far. Each has had a different personality and breed. I have met a lot of dogs and also had some farewells. I have been surprised, excited, worried, and laughed by the dogs I usually interact with.

There has never been a period where dogs were not a part of my life. Dogs also have interesting and sometimes strange characteristics, similar to human society. Some are scared of everything, some are stubborn, some are always happy, and some are laid back. I was captivated by the charms of dogs and their various personalities, so I started drawing.

When I first owned a male English Bulldog, I was drawn to the charm of English Bulldogs. I learned that despite their muscular physique and stern look, they are actually very affectionate, brave, and smart.

I usually listen to different kinds of music. When I have music playing, it must have been comforting for my bulldog, because he would usually fall asleep. And just like a human, he starts snoring very loudly. A peaceful and humorous everyday life.

Sometimes I go on a walk when I am in the mood, and other times I am not in the mood to walk at all. Freely, in my own way, looking straight forward. When I see a beautiful park or a cute little girl, my footsteps become lighter. Working hard at times,  like the pure-hearted and positive dogs, casually living a simple life, it may be important to just enjoy it.

The importance of everyday life

oil painting acrylic
16 x 12.5 inch

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This is the story of the time I took my bulldog to the dog run. A fight started between the other dogs. My bulldog ran in to mediate the situation. I was shocked.

Even when I took him to the dog run, he barely runs or joins the other dogs, and is the type to walk around on his own. I felt the bravery within this dog. I believe he understands what is wrong and what is right. Unlike their muscular physique and stern face, bulldogs are mild-mannered and affectionate.

Humans, regardless of their academic background, appearance, race, rich or poor, discrimination, and so on all have a dream, and I hope that everyone can live a peaceful life. Dogs do not speak, but they draw close to humans and I believe they watch over humans with a pure heart. 

They give us a lot of power. On the day of my birthday party, my family and friends celebrated with me. Just as I was about to blow out the candles on my birthday cake, my bulldog’s snort blew away the candles. Everyone had a big laugh, and it was a wonderful birthday.

I would like to continue drawing the bulldog’s humorous and fun everyday life. Such simple and ordinary everyday life with dogs may be precious moments. The light that shines through the curtains in the morning, dog greetings, the smell of coffee, the sound of my family getting in the car, I would like to cherish such casual moments. Rather than money and fame, why not enjoy the simple, everyday life?

With various colors on the canvas, I would like to continue drawing artworks with a touch of magic spice and hope that those who see Happy Bulldog’s art, have an even more happy daily life.

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