Drawing the stories of my unusual life experiences, And singing the songs of realism, I express the joys of life Because “we are all born to laugh”. by Yutan

One day, 

the doctor told me that I was over the limit for the steroid intake,

So I was recommended to remove my large intestine.

The surgery would add an excretion bag next to my stomach. 


For me,

That was worse than dying.  


When I was little, 

I studied hard,

And always strived for the best, but the result was this disease.

I hit a big wall in my life. 


I told myself, 

“I’m just waiting to die.

I shouldn’t care about what other people think of me!

I should live the rest of my life how I like it!”

I firmly set my mind to it.  


Even though my body did not allow it, 

I went to places I wanted to go,

Met with people I wanted to meet,

And lived my life how I wanted to. 


My choices

should have came back to me, but instead,

I was disliked and made fun of,

And most people withdrew from my life. 


Following through with my choices

Required a lot of courage,

But my disease suddenly vanished like it never happened.


It was “a moment when I was able to put myself first”


I made a recovery,

And as if I was trying to take back the 14 years,

I reexperienced the joys of eating, sleeping and going out,

And spent everyday enjoying life. 


After understanding that everything normal about life,

Should not be taken for granted, 


I realized that to live and have a normal life is a miracle 

And I was overcome with gratitude.


When I started blogging about the importance of “living your best life”

A lot of people wanted to hear more,

So I began giving talks on “how to live freely and happily in the moment”.


Within a blink of an eye,

I started gaining a lot of listeners

And began receiving offers from abroad. 


I have met people who started crying from the relief of seeing me,

And had people opened up their struggles to me,

and the more I listen and give them advice,

the more smiles I put on their faces.


It made me realize that my bed-bounded life was not a waste,

And I felt happy.



When I was giving a talk one day,

I met someone from Oahu

Who gave similar talks,

So I went to listen to her.


A lot of people were there to find help

and I saw a lot of people relying on the speaker for that help.


What I was doing,

was only leading people to depend on me…

I felt suffocated.


I wanted a lot of people 

To be themselves, and live more freely,

But it felt like I was “doing the opposite”,

So from that day on, I stopped giving talks. 


The next day, I met a woman at my homestay.


She made songs that were simple enough for kids,

And continuously sang them merrily


Watching her

Put a smile on my face and others around me


“Right now”, at this moment, she is expressing the joy in life

And watching her, 

Changed my perspective 


From that moment on, 

I added melodies to the lyrics I had written before in the past


However, I was not good at singing,

So a week after returning home,

I took a Shinkansen to Tokyo

And started practicing with my old voice trainer 


It was also related to my dream of “singing at Studio Ghibli” 


color pencil, tea
15.3 x 18.8 inch

If you wish to purchase, please contact us.

In the beginning,

Practice was fun,


But before I knew it, I was giving my whole body and heart to it

And I saw myself fearing failure,

So I strived for perfection

And it changed to “I have to practice”


I lost myself again 

And I realized that

on December, 2018.

It was the first time in 3.5 years that my disease relapsed.


I was unable to move my body again.


I began losing weight quickly,

And I even prepared myself to face death.


My plan to “sing at Ghibli” the following month

Had to be given up,


But I kept telling myself,

About my past experience, 

Of connecting with my inner self

and overcoming my disease and making dreams come true


“What were my intentions?”


Every part of my body relaxed,

As I realized that “I worked hard on having fun during the 3 years that I was healthy”


I realized that I was in denial of my 14 miserable years with the disease


Because of the two extremes of my 3 year and 14 year experiences,

At that moment, 

I was able to release all the tension in my mind and body 

And I entered a neutral state.


It was not until January of 2019, that I was truly able to live comfortably.

I sang in front of Director Hayao Miyazaki.


With no particular intention

I drew without much effort

And created pieces that were “just me”.

It made people smile


I connected with my inner self

And prioritized the things in front of me,

Because happiness is understanding the connections that cannot be seen


I express that through my art and song.

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