What I like to do. To draw. I want to have a job that lets me be myself. by Tomoko Horiguchi

What I like to do. To draw. I want to have a job that lets me be myself.  I have always thought this, and for years, I kept an environment where I can draw.

Those words make it seem like I am a strong-willed person, but in reality I felt like I was making half-hearted attempts. I was not able to come out into the open and could not move as I faced forward. Along with the difficulties I had with communicating and the fear towards people that resulted from it, I was fixated on the idea that artists that constantly change what they wanted to do, will not be able to sell their artwork because it is hard to understand.  

A few years ago, I quit my job because it did not suit me. I felt down as I sat at home, thinking about what I wanted to do.

I did not want to work in an office. All I wanted to do was art.

I took a chance and stopped working and began aiming for art. I came to know JCAT by chance at an event I attended. They had an upcoming deadline for their exhibition and the size criteria fit exactly with the artwork that I was creating. I quickly signed up and joined the team. 

As I exhibited in the JCAT group exhibition in NY and sent in artworks at international print competitions, I was able to join the artist-in-residence program at Kyrgyzstan last year.



9.4 x 3.1 inch
2019 ED-3

If you wish to purchase, please contact us.

My artworks never have a consistent style. I am also not expressing what I want to say. Then what am I doing?

First, I simply like drawings and art. My art is a symbol of freedom and integrity.  I work devotedly on the inspirations that come at different moments, and carefully choose the most fitting technique and method of expression. I devote myself to the technique that interests me the most or hits my heart the most, and try to express at least one concept that resonates with me. I want to improve daily by experimenting with different techniques and expressions. I want to create something that allows me to pour my purest energy that I have at the moment. I want to express the things that filter through myself at every moment. I believe that such artworks hold the most energy.

I also want to be suprised by my artworks, I want to have fun, and I want to see things that I have never seen before. I want to discover things I did not know about myself, while I create my artworks. I want to see where the light hits on my multiple sides, and continuing moving forward while eagerly waiting to see what kind of self I will meet next. 

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