I am an ordinary housewife. I have an unchanging daily life, and there are many things that I have to prioritize over myself. by TOMOKO SHITOZAWA

I have an unchanging daily life, and there are many things that I have to prioritize over myself.

During such days, there are times when I want to express something that is beautiful and looks interesting to make.

In the past, a friend of mine once asked for my advice. “When do you usually create, Ms. SHITOZAWA? You do housework and have a job. I can only make something when I’m motivated to create.”

I can only create when I have free time.

So I keep ideas in my head and create when I have the time.

My family’s health and my child’s growth are my joys and my driving forces.

I have loved painting since I was a child.

Especially because the people around me were educators and artists, my parents were not on board, but when I wanted to learn something, they would let me learn as much as possible.

I am grateful to my parents for giving me a lot of knowledge. 

I entered the world of early childhood education, and as a kindergarten teacher, I taught the children about the joys of expressing with all five senses, and practiced education that valued process rather than result in child care. 

I experienced childcare for my child through religious education, English education, Montessori education, public kindergarten school, private kindergarten school, and preschool.

While child-rearing, I was introduced to tole painting by a neighboring mom-friend.

I have been mindlessly doing various childcare jobs for about 20 years, but at that time, I happened to be working with contemporary art.

Osaka Canvas Promotional Project.

I was involved in the 1st to 5th terms.

I was taught that contemporary art was not simply about appreciating the artwork, but also involves a wide variety of activities, such as participatory art and event art. Not only is it beautiful, but also expresses sadness and anger, and the way of understanding it is different for each individual person.

With friends I met at Canvas, I held a group exhibition, “Mochi yori Tamatebako.”

On the first day, a man I have never met before, saw my tole paint artwork and said,

“Your artworks are very beautiful. But that’s it. You don’t have anything that’s different from others and you don’t have your own uniqueness, so that’s it. 

From that day, I started asking myself everyday, “what is my own uniqueness? What is my own art?”

One day, a few years later, I happened to come across a beautiful flower cake while browsing the internet.

What is this! How did they make it? Huh? Can you eat this?

My eyes were glued to the image and I immediately wanted to be able to make this.

At that point, I have never been to a cooking class, so I immediately signed up after learning about one in Osaka.

I was given the opportunity to learn and was blessed with a wonderful teacher and great friends. In what seemed like 4 years, I obtained my national qualifications for my Confectionery Hygiene Master and received 2 masters qualifications. 

I aim for art that goes beyond ingredients and art materials! 

I want to express a part of art that no one can reach!

I want to step into an unknown area and spread my wings into the world!

Currently, that is what I am thinking.

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