This is the story of how I, ? someone who was not interested in art, by Satomi Tanji

1. Let it flow by satomi tanji
Let it flow
Acrylic/ Gross medium/ Floetrol/ Epoxy resin / Wood panel
19.69 x 25.67 inch

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This is the story of how I, someone who was not interested in art, suddenly started drawing abstract artworks, and realized that I wanted to introduce my art to the world.

 I am currently absorbed in this world that I never imagined myself being in. I realized that life is mysterious and unpredictable.

I was born in Fujieda city, Shizuoka, and raised in a household that runs a stonemason company with my craftsman father.I believe I have liked drawing and creating things since I was little. Yet, I did not have any special feelings or connections towards art.

When I was a student, I remember being obsessed with the world overseas. I was intrigued by different cultures, languages, and the diversity of people, and became obsessed with language studies and Western music. I wanted to someday come in contact with the world overseas.

At that time, there was no way for me to understand the “great things about Japan,” and all I had was an admiration towards other cultures.

 After graduating college, my personality of being interested in anything, allowed me to become a flight attendant at a Taiwanese airline company.

As the strict trainings and flight jobs started, I did not have room in my mind to enjoy the world, and did my best to deal with everyday flights. Mentally and physically, I continued to complete my schedule with “willpower.”

Even during such a challenging environment, it goes without saying that I was able to learn about the various lands and cultures, and the national character and warmth of Taiwanese people.

From joining the company in the midst of social instability immediately after the Lehman shock to the Great East Japan Earthquake, I was also constantly brought to think about “being Japanese,” which has a big influence on my current life.

After getting married, I resigned from my job and started looking for something to do next. I have always loved and admired the world of movies, and wanted to get a job as a video translator, so I started going to school for it.

With my straightforward personality, I was only able to think about my set goal, and all I could think about were subtitles. I study the manuals diligently.  

I became pregnant during my studies, and started my life as a video translator and a new mother.

2. HIWALANI by satomi tanji


Alcohol ink/ Acrylic/ Epoxy resin/ Yupo paper on woodpanel
10.75 x 16.14 inch

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Without giving time to rethink about my life up until that point, I saw myself constantly exhausted with all-nighters as I struggled to balance my first time experience as a parent and my unfamiliar job.  

Here again, I tried to overcome it with “willpower.”  I believe society’s common sense, such as nothing will go right without effort or there is no such thing as a fun job or easy life, was deeply embedded in my mind.  

Around the same time, my husband was suddenly diagnosed with a difficult illness, and suffered from chronically worsening symptoms.

I started studying about health, reconsidered my meals, and cooked every dish using ingredients and seasonings without additives. Here too, I left my own feelings and thoughts behind, and struggled to overcome it.

As I continued to live this way, I realized that I was mentally and physically reaching my limit. I started to strongly want to concentrate more on myself, and not on the outside world, so I can use my invisible energy and my imagination.

“I want to do something creative.” Such a sleeping thought woke up inside of me. I began to realize my true self.

Coincidentally, I was building my own home at the time. I was not particularly interested in interior design, but my husband’s remark of “there’s not enough art in this house,” encouraged me to search the web for interior art.

I searched through SNS and YouTube, and stopped upon an acrylic pouring video for fluid art. I saw the creating process of an overseas artist, was instantly fascinated and interested, and started gathering tools to start creating in my own way.

The technique of pouring paint and expressing without using a brush, required an own recipe, from the type of medium to the amount of acrylic paint. From morning to night, I was only able to think about fluid art, and was absorbed in my research more than my child.

The result of continuing “according to passion,” was a satisfied recipe with impressive cells and the best coloring.

From there, I exhibited my artworks at various exhibitions and received several awards. I felt as if I was finally able to figure out what I really wanted to do, and found a place where I could express myself freely without being bound to society’s common sense and labels. I realized that all the hard experiences I had were connected to this world.

The message I put in art is always the same. “Every person is special and holds tremendous potential. Now that the times are changing, let’s face our true selves, and follow our hearts.”

It is becoming easier to express yourself and the energy is becoming lighter in this world. From the bottom of my heart, I hope that everyone can express themselves without hesitation, and the world becomes a place where you can be true to yourself.

3. Percentage by satomi tanji


Alcohol ink/ Acrylic/ Pigment/ Epoxy resin/ Yupo paper on woodpanel
8.27 x 11.69 inch

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