I want to continue drawing the unimaginable vastness And the unimaginable sense of space (the universe). by Jupiter

I want to continue drawing the unimaginable vastness and the unimaginable sense of space (the universe).

When I was little… I liked drawing and making things, and always played with my hands. Especially with space (another dimension), I would always have a small universe in my heart and mind, and would be in this universe (another dimension) before I fell asleep. Did I study? Did I not? I do not remember. My mind was always wrapped in a veil of space.

My 20s… My family business was a printing company, and when I visited the designer place to pick up the designs, I would watch them draw as if I had forgotten the time. When I was in charge of taking pictures of a famous art teacher, I was kindly taught how to draw. I became interested in art.

Even during my job, when I worked with graphic designs, block copies, plate making, and printing, I looked forward to seeing what was envisioned take shape. My daily life was busy with work for my company, my family, and myself.

Now that I think about it, my body must have been broken from all the overworking I had done since I was younger. However, it was not a pain because my mind was always in space.

My 30s… The family company goes out of business. Dealing with the company closure was so hard…I couldn’t work for half a year… However, I was given the opportunity to freely choose my lifestyle. And so creative activities began! 

I began learning the basics as a staff under a woodworking craftsman. I then began working independently and received orders that can be made by carpenters, such as a shelf.  I wanted to do more art, so I also started accepting jobs in graphic design and planning. In order to provide for my family, I worked part-time for a business maintenance company as a night time monitoring position.

My 40s… I prioritized my livelihood, and worked hard in the business maintenance company and my design job. During my days off, I created woodworking crafts and planned to build a house because I wanted to make an atelier (workshop).  When I had the time, I buried myself in art in museums, and spread my wings of imagination and eased my mind. I felt very clear headed, and was very active, I may have been my brightest self.

My 50s… The job I was doing as a part time position at the maintenance building, took an unexpected turn when I was given roles, such as supervisor and office worker, for the company’s overall direction. I worked hard on my job. 

I also created an atelier at home, so that I could do my creative activities, and started drawing space on my computer. I did this between work, so creating took half a year and many were unfinished. 

Since I was little, my father, my mother, and my sister went to heaven every third year. After this, I was unwell for 2 years and was unable to continue doing my office work and design job. My head hurts! The noise comes in. I’m dizzy! The world spins. My vision is getting dark! I am floating in space. My mind and body were cut off and my body broke.

My 60s… Autumn of 2018

When I was watching YouTube, I came upon an artist who was wandering around the world to perform spray paint of space without any draft. Commenting on his LIVEs, I stared intently at his videos.
With this method, I can instantly draw the universe I imagined! I was motivated to create and start drawing. 

I can’t grasp the main points!

Without hesitating, I drove about 3 hours to where a spray paint artist lived, and learned about spray art and deepened exchanges with one stroke dragon artists.

Around the same time, I received an offer on Instagram by a JCAT staff, and for the first time, I exhibited my artworks to people from other countries at a group exhibition in New York.

Restarting my creative activities

Spring of 2019… I created an artist team as exchanges were made centered on spray art. Currently, there are about 10 members around the country. JCAT Director, Ms. Itami held a lecture nearby, so I joined it. I was able to deepen exchanges with nearby artists who also joined the lecture. I was discovered by a member who attend Ms. Itami’s lecture, and held my own exhibition.  

New encounters will influence your future life.

Autumn of 2019… I held an exhibition, and was selected for an award in a prefectural exhibition. When I was creating, My head hurts! I’m dizzy! My vision is getting dark! I ended up with a high fever. However, I was flying in space, and even though I felt a physical change, I did not feel any pain…

I brought my artwork to the prefectural exhibition, finished my exhibition, and burnt out. My body broke. I was admitted to the hospital in an emergency. I was under medical treatment. After a detailed inspection, the high fever was caused by a cyst in my liver, and I had cancer in my intestine that was advancing in stage. I was told that even with surgery, the survival rate was as low as 5 years. 

After surgery, I was showing good progress, and when I started my chemotherapy, the COVID-19 started going around. 

Spring of 2020… My hands are numb from the chemotherapy, and I cannot draw properly. Due to the coronavirus, the JCAT group exhibition in Paris has been postponed and I cannot go out. Even though my stress is building…I am spreading my wings of imagination feeling space and continuing my air creative activities.

Autumn of 2020… I backed down from my solo exhibition at a local art museum, a public exhibition, and exhibiting my works because of my condition.

However, because of the coronavirus, the public exhibition was canceled, exhibitions were postponed and my creative activities were also hidden behind the coronavirus.

Yet, I am thinking positively, since I am given time for my medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Currently… I am expressing this space (another dimension) and “the unimaginable vastness and the unimaginable sense of space (the universe)”

The unimaginable vastness and the unimaginable sense of space (the universe)

Even those who see my artwork for the first time, I would like to pull them in with a sense of peace and touch in the heart I want to continue drawing my artworks, even when I get older.

Winter of 2020… I have created a video artwork for my solo exhibition.

Thank you to those who I have met. I am thankful for our encounter. For my family: I would like to leave the message that I was able to “spread my wings of imagination.”

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