Have you ever time traveled? Unfortunately, I do not have such experiences. by Futureman

Have you ever time traveled?

Unfortunately, I do not have such experiences. Then why is my artist name Futureman and why do I create artworks under the theme of time traveling? I would like to tell you my story.

During a trip, you can discover and experience new things, and enjoy a refreshing time with company. What happens if this trip goes beyond time and space? It is perhaps something far beyond our imaginations.

However, I believe there is one thing that we have to keep in mind. Going beyond time and space means abandoning the concept of age and changing our relationship with people around us. Once a time traveler goes beyond time and space, their bodies continue aging, and I believe it becomes impossible for them to return to the present. This also means that they will think about the importance of time usage and living in the moment more than us in the present.

In modern society, climate change is continuously worsening and causing a lot of problems. Many people live with various small and big problems because it is impossible to go back to the past or predict the future. What I value the most is to live life to the fullest and create a future as a result. 

As a time traveler named Futureman, I go beyond time and space to draw the moments of various encounters of people and places, when life is lived to the fullest. Through such moments, I would like to express the importance of living in the moment. 

I began learning at the age of 48 to receive my counseling qualifications and currently attend a distance learning university for my psychology degree. For counseling, it is said that in order to maintain a client/counselor relationship, it is important to be in a state of congruence. In order to do so, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of yourself, so you know how you will react in any situation. There are many training methods, but “focusing” is one psychotherapy method that requires the focus of subtle sensations felt by the body and describing it in words. I noticed that “focusing” and the sensation I feel when I create my artworks are very similar. Instead of using my mind, I feel my fluctuating emotions and turn them into shapes. Therefore, creating my artwork is a journey to find myself and the act itself is a form of counseling. It is also very fun for me. I learned the importance of living in the moment through counseling. After this, at the age of 52, I decided to begin drawing under the name Futureman, and believe it was influenced by my studies in counseling. 

In the past, I have received feedback for my artwork. They explained the “vivid colors and thick lines that influenced a soft impression on the artwork,” and “a kind feeling associated with the artwork.” I hope I provide inner peace for not only myself but also to others.  

I collect old projectors, clockwork fly catchers, and other antique products because of my interest in mechanics. Modern products are very functional and there are many sophisticated designs, but the design for antique products show the craftsmanship and uncompromising approach to design. I believe there is an “emotional leeway” that cannot be seen in modern products.  

I also like science fiction. If I were to choose, I would choose retro futurism instead of steampunk, which appears strongly in my Futureman series. I especially like the spaceship and gadget designs in “Star Trek,” “Lost in Space,” and “Brazil.” I also feel an “emotional leeway” in these designs.  

As we live in the modern world that prioritizes efficiency and functionality, I would like to think of these “emotional leeways” as “oases for the heart,” and continue sharing Futurman’s worldly perspectives.  


  1. Through the time traveler, Futureman, I would like to share the importance of “the meaning of living in the moment.” 
  2. I hope that creating artworks provide inner peace for not only myself, but also for everyone else. 
  3. Through retro futurism, I would like to share “emotional leeway” to the people living in the present.

The future is creating when life is lived to the fullest. Currently, with the other Futuremans, I began my path as an artist to put a smile on people’s faces.



Giclée Prints on Canvas
12 x 15 inch
$343 (€300)

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  1. Thank you for your comment.
    I’m glad you agree with my point of view.
    I’m grateful for this moment!
    May it bring you happiness too!

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